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East Village Street

Rock, Pop and Art East Village Food Tour


Walk the historic streets from where Peter Stuyvesant, the 1st governor, lived to funky St. Marks place where the Ramones, the NY Dolls, Andy Warhol's Electric Circus nd many others all lived and played. Learn about the artists who also made the East Village their home.  See and where protesters held rallies, the homeless set up camp and view the famous Hari Krishna tree. Along the way you will taste a treat from one of the last Ukrainian meat markets, sip an authentic NY egg cream, sample a Chinese dumpling,  savor a slice of New York pizza, and indulge in a French macaroon.  To end the busy tour, you will visit a delightful  indoor German beer garden for a pretzel or bratwurst sandwich.

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Highline Park scene

Historic Chelsea/Highline Park Food Tour


Wind your way through old Chelsea where the streets will take you back to the 1800s. Visit one of Chelsea's art galleries, walk the Highline Park, one of the most popular attractions in New York, and see the city from a unique perspective. As we travel, you will savor a flavorful quesadilla, enjoy a piece of South American cheese bread, satisfy your sweet tooth with a homemade cookie, try an authentic slice of brick oven NYC style pizza, sample a freshly  made donut and lastly sample a tangy Middle Eastern dip.

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Greenwich Village Bakery

Greenwich Village Bohemian Food Tour


Take a stroll along the quaint streets where "Bohemians" and celebrities lived and played.  See where Bob Dylan and other folk singers as well as comedians got their start. Visit the church where a President was secretly married and see where anarchists blew up a house.  Learn the history of Washington Square Park and it's elegant arch.  As we meander through this unique neighborhood, we will taste a sweet gelato macaroon, a tasty taco, a delicious meat lover's sandwich, sample a NY slice of pizza, a decadent cupcake and for a great finish; a choice of a stuffed bagel ball.                     

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Greenwich Village Specialized Vegan tour

If you are a Vegan or want to experience a different culinary choice, come join us as we experience six different vegan delights.  Along with discovering the history and culture of Greenwich Village, we will visit two organic markets.  Learn the history of Washington Square and it's elegant arch as well as see where many artists including Bob Dylan got their start.  See the church where a President was married and where Mark Twain and many others lived.  The Vegan delights we may try include award winning chickpea fries, Shanghai dumplings, a piece of power pie, a smoothie, buffalo wings,  and a cupcake.